Contractors’ All Risks

Contractors’ All Risks policy provides cover for protection against the physical loss or damage to the works being undertaken.Cover is given on an All Risks basis, which means an insured event is any loss or damage to the insured works unless caused by an exclusion contained in the policy.

The policy will pay for repair or replacement of the insured works following damage caused by an insured event. The sum insured needs to take into account and include any free issue materials, professional fees, debris removal and increased costs required to comply with any requirements imposed by public authorities.

The insured works are the permanent and temporary works. Cover can be provided on an annual basis or a project specific policy.

Cover can be extended to include:

Employees tools

Owned Plant

Hired in Plant – including Continuing Hire Charges

Temporary Buildings – site huts, storage areas or other accommodation

Architects drawings – The replacement of architects’ drawings lost or damaged as a result of one of the insured risks

Works materials whilst in transit

Offsite storage to a specified limit

Liability for loss or damage to the works during any specified maintenance period – normally 12 months

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