Product Recall

Insurance Policy for the recall of an insured product, or any product that an insured product becomes part of, because the end use of that product would result in bodily injury or property damage.

Businesses providing consumer products or components all have a significant responsibility to supply a safe, working and quality product into the market place.

Product recalls are occurring more frequently and often receive media attention. A badly handled product recall or contamination incident can have disastrous effects upon brand reputation, a company’s assets and even its ability to continue trading.

Generally consumers do understand that mistakes can occur even within the most conscientious and professional organisations. Research has shown that the companies that command the greatest customer loyalty are those that, in such circumstances, are able to respond quickly and responsibly.

In today’s world with ever more demanding supply chains the costs of dealing with a product recall either directly or indirectly can be huge. While companies recognise the need for product liability coverage to protect their business and customers, they may not be aware that many of the costs of a product recall may not be covered by standard policies of this type, or that their own costs may not be picked up.

A Product Recall policy can provide cover for:

Pre-recall expenses

Consultant and Advisor costs

First party product recall expenses

Third party recall liability

Manufacturing errors and omissions

Impaired Property

Defence costs

Cover can be provided for the following trades:

Automotive/Automotive Components

Consumer Durables

Precision Engineered Products

Pharmaceutical Contamination

Electronic/Hardware Components

Restaurant Contamination

Food & Drink Product Recall & Contamination

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